Hi there,

My name is Sandi and I live in beautiful Bondi, in Sydney, Australia. I’m a qualified nutritionist, product designer, food photographer, beloved wife and mum. I originally come from a pretty little town in Austria, but 4 years ago I fell in love with a handsome Aussie guy while travelling through Central America. So, here we are now 🙂

I have always been a food lover and I really enjoy cooking and baking for other people. My family used to run a restaurant and a butchery, so I have always been around fresh food and cooking.

After I graduated from a specialist art high school, I felt like I wanted to do something very different. So, I decided to study nutrition sciences in Vienna. During this time I worked in a lot of different restaurants and my passion for interesting dishes grew more and more.

Now that I’m married and a mum to a 1-year-old boy, I definitely find myself doing a lot more cooking these days…which I love. I also found that I loved to style my healthy and nutritious creations (a lot of eating is done with the eyes they say!) and having always enjoyed photography, found myself with a phone full of images of the meals I had prepared. So I did what all food loving, iPhone owning, slightly social media addicted people do…I started an Instagram account; and so started Bondilicious Nutritious.

I now had the opportunity to get inspiration from others and to share my creations with the outside world. It felt amazing to get positive feedback from complete strangers and it definitely started to get a bit addictive. My followers started to ask me why I hadn’t started a blog yet, and this is why I’m here now. I’m very excited about this new way to share my passion, my creativity and my knowledge of food with everyone out there. I look forward to posting regular recipes, pictures and updates on all things healthy and nutritious.

Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy 🙂

Mahlzeit (Austrian for happy eating)!



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